Public and Residential Buildings

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Completion: 2017
Main contractor: UAB Ogvy
Developer: Panevėžio statybos trestas
Architect: Studio Seilern Architects; Christina Seilern; Antanas Gvildys; Sigita Lapienytė; UAB Archinova,

Former hospital building in Bokšto street, Vilnius, will become a complex of apartment and administrative buildings. Because of its historical and architectural value, the building complex, situated in Vilnius Oldtown, is included in the Heritage Registry of Lithuania. Newly designed building insertions and fragments will not disfigure the historical look of the building. On the contrary, they will supplement and accentuate it.

For this project, KGC provides double roofing works. The task is complex because of the need to maintain the original shape of the buildings. The project is carried out by creating 3D models of the construction and scanning roof constructions with special equipment. Although viewing the roof creates an impression of enclosure, special roof windows allow one to see the Oldtown from inside the building. Technology, created specificly for this project, was used to invent a special shape of the profiles – lamellas.