Location: Kalmar, Sweden
Completion: 2019
Main contractor: Skanska Sweden AS
Developer: Municipality of Kalmar City
Architect: Tengbom arkitektkontor

Linnaeus University is based in Växjö and Kalmar. In Kalmar, the institution is spread throughout the city, and the aim is now to bring things together at the Universitetskajen site. The project is the city’s largest, most extensive construction venture since the Öland bridge.


The fundamental approach for the area as a whole could be said to involve an integrated design with a common façade concept. Pearl and Shell is a metaphor for the buildings we have designed at Universitetskajen. The surrounding building, the shell, features a somewhat darker, more rugged brickwork exterior, while the lighter interior can be symbolised by mother-of-pearl. The shimmering pearl can be found inside the shell, a unique building with contrasting façade materials and an original, clear-cut colour scheme.