Heggedal Brige

Location: Heggedal, Norway
Completion: 2013
Main contractor: AB Viacon Bridges
Architect: Kenn Andersen, Bystrup Arkitekter & Designere

This pedestrian bridge is located next to Haggeldal Station, in the municipality of Asker, near Oslo. The architectural design of the project sought to convey simplicity and elegance, and the choice of materials and constructions was combined with the historic station environment.

The bridge connects the station with two platforms and is a connection between the houses on the west side of the station and the Heggedal County Center. The project took place in several stages:

  • Start of stage I: September 2012.
  • End of stage I: December 2012.
  • Start of stage II: April 2013.
  • End of stage II: June 2013.