Location: Lund, Sweden
Completion: 2019
Main contractor: HENT AS
Developer: AXIS Companion
Architect: Fojab Arkitekter AB

The rapid growth of the Axis company has determined the need for new office buildings. The first phase of the project involves the construction of 5-10 storey office buildings in the northern part of the city of Lund. New premises area will reach 42 000 sq. meters and in this building will work about 1300 people.

Under the responsibility of the KG Constructions company:

  • Unitized façades (USC 65): 11 490 m2
  • Façade systems (FW 50.HI and FW 50.SI): 2 477 m2
  • Cladding (composite plasters): 11 600 m2
  • Cladding (aluminum plates): 1 200 m2

Installation of the facades will be completed in summer of 2018, the completion of Axis project is planned in spring of 2019.