Engineering solutions, implemented by highly qualified professionals. For our customers we offer individual and custom-made products.


Innovative facade solutions from a single supplier, from idea creation to its implementation.


Semi-automated production ensures exceptional accuracy and high level of customisation at the same time.

Unitised facades

This system consists of vertical and horizontal aluminium profile units, assembled and prepared at the factory. Such facades are transported to the construction site already fully assembled and filled. On the construction site, they are attached to the building structure. Prefabricated facades are used for technically challenging and special projects, reconstruction or construction of completely new buildings with fast and reliable results in mind.

Stick facades

The horizontal and vertical aluminium profiles of these facades are produced at the factory, but assembled on the construction site. Holes of the assembled framework are filled in with various materials. A wide selection of lids provides excellent facade design opportunities. This popular facade construction is resistant to various weather conditions and requires relatively small production and transportation costs.