Pramones st. 15, Parapijoniskes
LT-13241 Vilnius, Lithuania
Ph.: +370 5 249 60 43

Billing information

Company code: 300633941
VAT number: LT 1000 0293 4914
Bank account: LT23 7300 0101 2313 0472
AB Swedbank
Bank code: 73000

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    Our companies

    KG Constructions Group

    „KG Constructions Group“ - a mother company for all the companies within the group.

    KG Transportas

    "KG Transportas" - logistics company responsible for safe, fast and on-time delivery in Lithuania and Scandinavia. Having logistics company in our group allows us to offer better service and product prices as well as faster delivery. Moreover, it helps to maintain high customer service and fulfill constantly growing demands of our Clients in Lithuania and Scandinavia.

    KG Service

    "KG Service" - montavimo darbų, garantinio aptarnavimo, pastatų priežiūros ir remonto komanda. Ją sudaro daugiau kaip 100 montuotojų, kurie dirba 10-15 žmonių komandomis skirtinguose objektuose. Tiek Lietuvos, tiek užsienio statybų aikštelėse dirba 18 kvalifikuotų darbų vadovų, kurie užtikrina, kad darbas vyktų pagal aukščiausius reikalavimus, kokybės ir saugumo standartus.

    KG Energija

    "KG Energija" - design and installation of innovative solar energy systems. Using electricity from sun energy not only saves 30-100 % of heating and hot water cots, but also saves the environment and non-renewable energy sources.

    LIGNAS Timber systems

    "Lignas Timber Systems" - design and production company of cross laminated timber (CLT) products. Wood is the only material in construction industry that has positive environmental impact: absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen back into atmosphere.

    KGC Sweden

    "KG Sweden" - Swedish based company which helps to ensure easier operation process of the company in Swedish market.

    Working hours

    I-V 07:00-16:00
    Phone: +370 5 249 60 43